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Trimmers & Guillotines

             Cutting and trimming are major parts of the document-production process, and choosing the right cutter or trimmer for your business can mean the difference between meeting your deadlines with professional-looking presentations, reports, and proposals, or falling behind schedule.
             The right cutting machine or trimming machine enables you to accurately trim or cut large amounts of paper in a single pass, and can be used to make precise cuts in custom sizes and shapes for your projects. Cutting systems can be used for photographs, laminated documents, foam board, leaflets and for large volumes of paper
             Trimmers (or rotary trimmers) generally have a round cutting blade that is enclosed for safety reasons inside a plastic head. The blade slides up and down a metal guide bar.
             Paper Cutters (sometimes called guillotine cutters) are generally used for higher-volume projects, and are designed to cut much thicker stacks of paper than trimmers.